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Everybody wants to change the world. But more people have a fond wish than a real strategy. Experience suggests that defining your issue properly and targeting the message to the decisive audience can overcome resistance, move key segments of opinion, shift the power balance, and change things on purpose.

This site passes along a few things we've learned about using media channels not for self-expression, not as echo chambers, but as practical, efficient tools to win power over events.

If these basic ideas make sense to you, use them. They aren't secrets. These techniques create headlines every day, across the political spectrum.

To start, ask these five questions:

Who's behind it

Jonathan Polansky has played research, strategic and creative roles in some 200 print, broadcast and online advocacy campaigns in a dozen countries on issues ranging from wilderness preservation and climate change to domestic violence, reproductive rights, gun safety, food marketing and tobacco control.

He was creative director of San Francisco's Public Media Center for twenty-five years before starting Onbeyond LLC in 2004. Since then, among other projects, he has collaborated with leading public health groups, the U.S. CDC and WHO in University of California, San Francisco's Smokefree Movies campaign, which aims to prevent a million tobacco deaths among today's children.


Advocacy campaign funders over the years have included the California Wellness Foundation, The Ford Foundation, Richard & Rhoda Goldman Fund, Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Levi Strauss Foundation, Pacifica Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and Turner Foundation. 


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